Please carry minimum luggage.

1. Please strictly only provide 1 small trolley bag & 1 small Haversack(Which participants can carry on their backs during Sightseeing and Activities).
2. Only 5 to 6 pair of clothes including minimum 3 Full Jeans with 1 full sleeve T-shirts, 2 pairs of Night Wear etc.
3. Sports Shoes or Canvas Shoes are compulsory for activities with 4 pairs of socks.
4. 1 pair of Sandals or Slippers.
5. Shawl, Air Pillow.
6. Full Sleeves Light Jacket.
7. Water Bag, Cap, Sunglasses, Medium Torch, New Batteries.
8. Notebook and Pen.
9. Bathing Towel, Soap, Tooth Brush- Paste, Hand-Kerchiefs, Comb.
10. Odomos Mosquito Cream, Sun screen Lotion, Lip Balm, Cold Cream.
11. Nylon Shorts & Nylon T-Shirt (for Boys) & Nylon tights with Nylon Round Neck T-Shirts (for Girls). 2 pairs for Adventure Island.
12. Strictly don’t give any general medicines and snacks for the camps.